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75 in hagerstown and frederick. hour highs today mid-to upperr 80s, with plenty of humidity and the threat of a shower and thunderstorm this afternoon.his the food news we got big changes in the forecast toward the end of the week. i will have details on that in just a couple of minutes, again, rainshowers and a thunderstorm later today, mid-80s, back to tucker, thank you very muchn >>k > a pig story this morning,a local activities who shocked many about a youtube video about d.c.'s gun laws is in trouble in with the law. >> adam kokesh was arrested after his home in herndon, virginia was rated. sarah has the latest details. >> reporter: we did in factfact learn that adam kokesh was take into custty last night. he spent the night at the fairfaxty tension center and was tou to at a hearing that gan at 8:30 this morning.s and snow flake court in herndon after issuing a search warrant.
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that is skyfox video that areo you taking a look at that area. this is the video that had he posted from the back in on july 4th. he released that video of himself loading a pump action shotgun at freedom plaza.dom the video came out, to a former marine threat to lead an armed march from virginia to d.c. at the end of independence day. at end of the video he hints aa similar march may happen. he believes he has at right toht bear arms.bear under the strict law people are allowed to keep guns inside of their homes but cannot carry them in public. kokesh posted the video in defiance of that law. his roommate also defends thes video. >> the point is, we have right to pear arms in all states. we shouldn't set standards ofof laws by imagining the lines called poredders, because in the state of virginia it's an open-carry state, but this thehe
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district of criminals, the only people that are allowed to walk with gyre arms are th firearms s themselves. >> kokesh refused to get a booking photo taken. a lengthy facebook page earlier this morning, a man identified as lucas, writes numerous police vehicles, including a light armored vehicle, and two helicopters, barricaded adam's street. more than 20 s.w.a.t. members surrounded the house, as well al patrol officers of the assault were aimed at all members of the team without being handcuffed and although they weren't told why they were detained. deta they were questioned and thend home searched several hours before kokesh was taken to jail. to word on what charges he is facing. we will continue to follow this story for you.
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>> thank you very much. >> thank you, sarah. some big news is set to come out, the.ou >> the council is set to vote on an emergency bill to move next year's primary election from june. it would ban smoking from any city owned park, communitycommun center, hiking trailer pussss stop. that is called oned for today.y. the coup i council is considerit controversial living wage bill. >> that is something thatth wal-mart which started construction on three stores in the district and has plan for three more will be watchingwatci closely. the legislation requires large retailers like wal-mart pay that i workers at least $5 minute um more, which transplates to 12.5 an hour in the strict. if that bill passes, it won't through with building the stores at the district. >> it's frustrating. we worked so hard to get retailers to come and especially
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a district where they don't havd a lot of options. so we worked really hard to feee wal-mart to come, and that was going to be an anchor toto encourage more retail to come. it is very frustrating.ating. >> wal-mart says while it mayma opt out of three other stores already under construction inde the city if the living wage bile is approved. speaking of wal-mart, the retail -- speaking of wal-mart the retail giant proudly claimsy to be the low cost leader, butbt one fox viewer says you may be getting duped by the discounterc he says wal-mart is selling then same product under two names, one at more than the double the price of the other. consumer reporter steve novielo is live in he looked into it and has an explanation. >> more than 105% of markup.up. the difference between those two -- products and the bottle that
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they are packaged in. >> consumers come to wal-martto this search of low prices andprs great value.grea the nation's low cost leader is clear. their prices can't be beat; but value? >> one of them is $4, and one of them is 9-point foo. tto-- 9.22 >> they're charging twong different prices for the same product. >> reporter: both are labeled with wal-mart house brandydy qaits, both have prices that beat out the mainland competitor. now take a look at the price, 200 tablets of equate headache relief will cost you $4, andand tablets of my grain relief it's going to cost you more. >> that my grain has got to work better. >> it sounds logical, but smart shoppers take a look at the
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ingredient. asset minute owe fin, aspirin,ai and both are listed in the same for the headache and migraine pill. why is wal-mart charging morechr for it. we asked wal-mart if the two pain pills are equal. they sent us a statement for and that stricter guide lanes for he medication could lead to hire costs. that's not one of the questions answered. we came here to armstrongarmstr forensic labs in arlington, where samples of the two differently priced pills werepis crushed and analyzed. >> in the composition of the actual tablets, i find no huge difference. >> base thbased on our data i d
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know why one will cost more tham the other.the >> the can sentrace o sentrace n relieving effects, and before you give me a headache.headac name brands like excedrin, list similar din grid yents, but they don't charge more than the other. when it comes to, get a pill for the dose. >> $5.22 up charge doesn't soun like much to you. in wal-mart $5.22 is enough toto buy sandwiches and drinks to feed a hungry kid or a week,wee, twice.e. >> they can sell the stuff, butt the national brands do the same
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thing. excedrin hisses the same activee ingredient for the headache ande my grain relief, but they don't charge you more for one than thh other. we are talking about 100% of up charge for what is exactly thete same thing.thing. when we tried to talk to wal-mart, they told us they have nothing more to talk about the it. >> eye he opening, right? >> t because the psychology of f it is, like people said in the e piece, it's more, so this hashas got to be even better. >> right. >> now you know. >> there's a new push to changen the law regarding marijuanaana possession in the district. >> councilmember and mayor candidate tommy wells announced ledge thation that woullegislatd
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decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. >> reporter: his intent is to decriminalize possession for amounts less than 1 ounce of marine. rather than leading to a person's arrest and something that could stay on their record and harm their opportunities fot the future. instead it will be a $100 fine for adults and then he says for minors, there would not be a fine. minors found with less than one ounce will let their parentss notify and are vired t requiredo attend a class. they did research that found that washington d.c. leads theng united states into marijuanamaru arrests and it's among the topop ten jurisdictions for the number of african-americans arrestedamr for marijuana possession. showing at 2010, 4,648 americann wer4,648african-americans.a
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while fewer caucasians were arresterred for marijuana possession. here is what he had to say about his reasons mind the bill. >> we growing -- behind the bill, we are going to acknowledge that the war on drugs, particularly marijuana has worked to decriminalize our youths and not able to get jobs. once you have a drug charge onge your record, you can't participate in the construction boom that is happening all overp the city. it continues to stigmatize, andg prep people for fully participate in our city and also participate in our as electronic pome, because the district manages jobs. >> reporter: he was careful to say that aty criminalization of possession -- decriminalization of small amounts, does not legalize theli sale of marijuana in the district. that still would be a major drug offense. i asked whether there could be increased penalties? >> yes, additional offenses would result in increase,
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penalties, he does plan toto introduce this bill during theth session which begins taint this morning. he has the majority on the council are -- are on this issue, by wait, i did have aid chance to ask him about thehe other big bill today that isthat coming up for a vote, that one that requires wal-mart to pay a living wage so-called to its employees here in the district. he does not support that bill. he has never supported and itand it's not in his opinion a living wage bill. instead it's an antilarge rearge tailer bill here in then th district. back to you. >> melanie, thank you. m it's a big day at capitoll hill. today the senate will try again to lower interest rates for students loan holding a procedural vote that would cutwd the rates in lafl to the level they were first. they will hold a special meeting to discuss how to move forward. the immigration bill would markd a path for the 11 million peopl
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living here illegally. >> the march done dzhokar tsarneav who is accused of suinf a weapon of mass destruction and the attack, that killed three te people and wound more than 350 others. tsarneav has not been seen since he was first arrested. his initial court appearance was held in the hospital where hee was recovering. there's a criminal investigation into the deadly train derailment. they discovered elements that led to this criminal probe. they did not provide any details, but did rule out terrorism.rrorm. 50 people are still missing. 9:13 still ahead, the presidential food fight. i knew this, coming up.p.
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are welcome back. every day we> bring you storie of ordinary people who taketa action in extraordinaryinary circumstances. we love those stories. >> what in a plane crashed or aa train derailed near you, are yoe prepared to act.o >> we found a program that willl help you be prepared fored emergencies and it's free. free our own sherri ly has the story. >> 911, fire medical police. >> in an emergency fire life or death can come down tie matter of minutes. >> 911 emergency. >> it could be your best friend or your worst energy.
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>> a building collapsed unexpected in philadelphia and a dederecho last year that left thousands in our area withoutwiu power. there's never a shortage of emergencies or disasters. now there's no shortage ofge information and training on how to survive. >> we put small fires, how to h deal with medical situations, also, we teach them how to to medical triage. >> reporter: dalton haw hawkis runs the program, it's as a federally funded program taughtt nationwide for free. anyone can sign up for the training which involves eight lessons over 20 hours. and it can be a mind changing experience. >> this empowered you to go from a point of thinking that you'ret a victim to thinking you cancan assist, not just yourself but
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others to respond to any emergency or disaster.or >> reporter: volunteers learnvu what to do until emergency responders arrive. they're taught in the classrooml and with realtime emergency drills. >> search and rescue, if you ca hear me, please come to me. >> found. >> reporter: this drilldrill simulated a tornado with a partial building collapse. coll >> we got two searchers down. >> reporter: and victimsvictim suffering from very real-lookin injure others. >> please, somebody ♪ >> it's burning.>> >> reporter: members of the delmarva search and rescue teams, helped these teens stays calm in the chaos. >> oh, i can't breathe. >> breathe, we gote, we two victims over here. here >> the way the program is designed, it's taking you from no experience or education, and no disaster response, and bring you up to an area where you cana
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be sel self-sufficient in a disaster. >> what is the status of yourtau patient, is he conscious. >> whether you want to depo on y vac ages or theiou--get on vacac this training. >> that training kicked in, and she was in an accident. she didn't hesitate to take control. >> i was able to assist and makd sure that the victims were okay, and then try to direct traffic,, so that none of the other people would get hurt, you know, oror another accident would happen. >> reporter: knowing what toto do gives her an invaluable tool. >> it gives you the ability to t trust in your instincts. >> we will allow you not only the knowledge but the confidence to do what you can. can. >> coming off.
9:20 am
>> because when you're waiting for rescuers to get there,e, someone's life may be in your hands. >> it takes one to help one. you know, we all have to helpto each >> it's a good way to help your community and it's a good way to get involved. >> where are they now? >> they talked to us. >> an outcome that could very welcome down to the very basic.. >> plumes t to prepare or prepar to fail. >> are you concerned about her daughter? her daughter is coming out. >> sherri ly fox 5 news. frightening even though yout see that is a simulated. >> fascinating stuff, if you stu want to find a cert program inrm your area, depo to our website at and search cert, certification. >> could do it.ou d >> yeah, would be.>>ea >> coming up at 9:00, will she run again? h hillary clinton has not
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answered that question yet, but her supporters have alreadyhave lined up. holly morris is having fun at the strathmore, good morning. >> reporter: we are, and you a know what, it's small, butbut mighty, and they're sellsell operating it here at strathmore, and i'm talking about the ucol layy youth yesterday, 2013, it's absolutely free, you are goinga to love it, we will tell you wh you don't want to miss it. stay with us.  so... [ gasps ]
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hilly clinton band wagon is growing, the national rootsinots organization ready for hillary,, announced it's partnering with 270 strategies.tegies the consulting firm for president obama. 270 strategies will overseewill training and recruitment. clinton has not said if she wilh
9:25 am
run for white house in 2016. the president obama is awarding national humanities and arts medals. >> among the recipients is edward airs. ttrvment heirs has helped. >> among receiving art ple meda herb from anan records, new orleans, r&b ledge legend legenn toussaint and george lucas.s. and herb alperiod of time. 9:26 right now. on a wednesday morning. still ahead, scared out herr sleep, it's the prank by a
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boyfriend you need to see to believe. the washington capital lz cz soared past other teams.  mom...
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?
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♪ welcome back. if there's an award for the world's worst boyfriend, this th guy may take the case. the ring style wake-up >> a woman a wakes to a ghost like figure reaching out from her t.v. set. the boyfriend controls the ghost with which is made out of papier-mache and then he howlsho to wake-up his can we hear it
9:30 am
>> that's really scary. >> that's pretty scary. >> especially if she saw the ring. >> it looks like something ismen coming out of the t.v. >> poor thing.>> >> you see her reaction, she screams, and thrashing her legsr at what she thinks it a phantom. >> meanwhile, her boyfriend setn up to capture her from the sidei front and back, or what -- amazingly, it's the boyfriend who comforts her at the end of that, and they're still together despite the terror that she went through. >> that's quite elaborate. >> do we know -- do they do this? >> do they do it to each other. >> because maybe they do. >> they are -- it's very weird. this is like videos on you iewe otubeof boyfriend and girlfrieni pranking each other. it's becoming a thing. >> it's not funny to me. >> you could have a heart attack. >> like i don't like to see see
9:31 am
terror even when it's , don't, like it and it seems like she was terrified. >> although if you look the ghost. >> if you wake-up out of a dead sleep and wake-up to see anything. one of those views it looks like it's coming out of the t.v. it's scary. at a certain point as a humanman being or a boyfriend, it's justt a joke. >> it's going >> she is kicking at it. >> look at that, that is scary. >> this is very elaborate. >> right. >> so he set up all of thesethee producers and then he put it on youtube or wherever there is. is >> poor child. >> let's go ta radar. >> boo to you, boyfriend.end. >> it's not cool. cool >> wait until she care scares ye day. >> that will arrive a different way.way. there's radar, showerower activity, it's very light, iigh
9:32 am
just had somebody walk into the building saying we are getting sprinkles northwest.ri lightnk rainshowers, maybe a little lighter than rainshowers as you get south and west. not a lot of rain out there at the moment but there's a shower activity that should have gonehe right here. this is what we're dealing with today, on depend and of on agait out of the mountains, west of winchester and west of mountmo royal another round of showers, and that will move into the early and afternoon. the threat of showers is goings to be ever present. can you see the area not getting much of anything, but we will wi continue warm and humid conditions. right now 81 degrees, 81 at reagan national. it's very humid outside, whicho, can't see the temperatures, the humidity with dew pointew temperatures in the low 70s, 70 it really feels sticky acrossicy the region, 77 this morning at dulles, 80 in annapolis, northni and west of town, the laste
9:33 am
couple of mornings, i have beene up early, the overnight lowsws have been back in the 60s, this morning they were in the low to mid-70s, so we're're starting off date on a warm not and thatwa will continue latertr today. even with temperatures only in the mid-80s, mid-to upperr 80s, we're going feel like humi. here comes the next waive of waf energy and as that moves through, our next chance of showers this afternoon. this is ain't front, it's an it area of convergence, earlier wee will have flooding issues norths and west and they're pushing east of pittsburgh. west that is chicago and we have a cold front. fr i mention that to you, paws thas is going to get in here tomorrow. it could bring us pretty good thunderstorms tomorrowde afternoon, andrs pi frida by frr but we are seth up for a great weekend, right now saturday and sunday quiet with afternoon highs in the 80s and lower humidity. something to look forward 87 today, lots of clouds, lots
9:34 am
of humidity as well.well. scattered showers and winds, 5-10 and mostly cloudy overnight. plenty of humidity overnight and ahead of tomorrow ahead of front at 86, scattered showers and storms. much better, friday, saturday, and sunday, a risk for ask for thunderstorm, it should be verye nice this that's latest on your weather, tony and allison, back to you phiz. tucker, thank you.yo donna edwards is leading aa move on capitol hill to declarer a national historic park on the moon. she and texas democrats eddiedeo better than niecbernice are prot in the new bill called the apollo lunar landing. it would make sure that americam landing sites like the one where neil armstrong posted anan american flag are legal for the
9:35 am
future. -- are protected for the future. >> that's a major forethought. >> it really is. >> it really is. >> still to come the latest on a country star's ailing health. the move randy travis' doctor do just made to help treat his heart condition. plus has justin bieber gone completely out of control? >> we will talk about the next headline with tmz. >> what is going on here. >> after the preak, you can ca check this out, you can escapeea to a world of your own imagination with cirquete solaye quidam. they want you to win an evening for four.for >> you got to stick around after 9:30, that is when the show goes all all you are to do is depo to web and like it. -- at the and like
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i think that sue palka is the nicest person in fox 5. >> i'm the second, is she first. >> absolutely.>> country singer travis gets a heart transplant and justin bieber has trouble finding a bathroom. >> and who do we turn, to the mr. dacs. >> good morning, i like the hair. >> yeah.
9:40 am
>> new look, i like it? >> you know we would notice and comment, we do like it. >> all right, so let's get to our first friend. >> randy travis. >> thank you. >> he has been in the news recently and unfortunately he i having issues with his heart. >> he suffered pacecall basicall cardiomyopathy, which means that the muscle around your heart, gets weakened and it's dangerous. he is airlifted and has been in the hospital since sunday. it's very touch and depo, depo. go, and there's a good chance of people coming on top of this and but there's a lot of people that pass away. there were stories that he said he had heart surgery. that is not true. he was emb implanted with the world's smallest heart pump, ann
9:41 am
they implant it into an artery using a catheter. at the put it into the heart ann it helps the heart pump the blood into the rest of the bodyo they are watching over him. hi and we put up andreas where they can send cards and wells wishes. i want to thank everybody for fr the cards and we're just waiting for updates. >> hate to go from a serious performer, to justin bieber and his shan na ganz. shenanigans. he is making his way out off a new york nightclub. it was earlier in the year, it', him and his puddies, the camera turns on and justin bieber is urinating into a mop bucket in the kitchen of this nightclub. and his friend are cheering himm
9:42 am
on. you are not going to remember the time you go into the bathroom in a bathroom, but you will remember the time that he h goes to the bathroom in a mop bucket. they are cheering him on, and he grabs a spray bottle and he sprays bill clinton in the face, and he says so, clinton, and he runs out there. and they're calling each other wild boys. boys this looks really bad on justin bieber. people call him a punk, but this takes it to a new level. if he keeps acting these shinanagans, people are going t stop pieing his albums, and topd going to his concerts. he needs to switch his friends. >> know your audience, mom don't like though, and that is who is pieing the records for the kids. >> you know who moms like, they like dax and the new hair. >> thanks, dax.
9:43 am
all righty. >> he is in the news everyy minute. >> it's unsanitary first of all. >> the whole thing. >> it's just like disrespectful somebody has to clean that up. >> how do they even know what is in it before they swash it around? >> you like the word, slosh. >> you want to take it to thehe next level. >> you too, can watch and be inn tuned with tmz here on fox 5 week nights at 6:30. sloshing it up. we will be right back. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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with ukulele and hul a outlining the outdoor concerts.. >> holly morris is in north bethesda now. and the concert every wednesday night out at voght p
9:47 am
strathmore, and free wonderfulwr entertainment that starts at severn. the season culminates with something that has become aa summer tradition, it's called a uke fest, which i erroneously called uco ukulele. ukel >> we don't care what you call them. >> i'm going to call them the best. these are uke aficionados, theyo happen to have like two grammys to their names, so i guess you guys are lienal it legit. >> we are legit. >> i got to spend time withwith them, and it was ten years agoy when you phiz wer guys were doir thing.thin >> we are, and we aren't using canes yet. >> let's talk about uke fest and where it's caught on so much? >> the ukulele is the most easya
9:48 am
instrument, you can be a total beginner or advanced player andl still be in the same room together playing music andand having a great time.. it's accessible, paws in simple ways with one finger, as margie is going to show, you can play a couple chords and be ready todyo jam. you can also study it like craze and p pm an a become an aficionf there's those that are fun of. it's one of those instruments it that bring people together. last year there was a 4-year-old girl who took the spire camp courses. she likes it and is good. the youngest which is four, which is at some of the, uke, w, have had about 80. >> our time is fleeting. i want to make sure that we gete
9:49 am
these in, too. these guys are doing something new,, you have an app. >> it's called zinc to your bab -- sing to your baby, it will be a great app for parents andnts grand parents to sing along with the the uke. uke. >> give me a lesson. >> take one fishing and pu fingy the second string. the next is up. >> got it.>>ot >> and when we change course we are going to go like that, but put your finger one more string. now we have enough to sing asi song and get it started.d. ♪ ♪ singing in the rain ♪ i'm singing in the rain ♪, what a wonderful feeling ♪ i'm happy depend again ♪ >> i'm a quick learner.
9:50 am
i always wanted to that jean je kelly moment of -- gene kelly oy sing in the rain. >> it's the ukulele ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what is that sound you like to hear, it brings happiness ♪ ♪ and cheer, chr, ♪ it's ukulele. >> right the crew ♪ ♪ and i need my ukulele ♪ and on the string, and ♪ high and low ♪, yes, they call it the jumpinn free ♪ ♪ so the uke depose up ♪, and everyone wants to make that sound of the rain, it's the ucoukulele net. >> okay, i wanted to feet to the part where kathy brake breaks i.
9:51 am
you can come to on wednesday, and don't forget about the whole summer concert series everyseris wednesday night and pup puppetse strathmore as well.more a lot going on. come out. it makes me want to play.. >> thanks holly.>> we are here, sarah is is joining us.ining we're going to talk about a few things. the washington kastles first of all, they set a new professional sports record, and also another > a food fight that spanned several presidencies each backup. >> time to discuss the talkers of the day, we almost need like a talker, talkers. >> i think we do need something. >> that was it. the washington kastles extendexd their streak to 35 straight wins. >> shall we applaud? n yes. >> [applause] >> the streak started in 2010,
9:52 am
the world team tennis team or castlekastles, and they surpasse lakers. some say because the kastles season only lasts three weeks, it's not fair to compare to teams which season lasts untilul april, ask playoffs. is a record a record or a numbe is a number. >> i think a record and a record. is the thish itha issue the seao short. it's still 34 consecutive wins.. the issue is it's 34 consecutive wins to me. >> all right, go ahead. >> i know where this is going.s >> i'm going to take you -- here is, i don't want to do
9:53 am
off-the-wall. we're not going to do a whole huge thing. first of all it's not even the same team, because every year it's a different group of players, how is it fair -- i love tennis is washington. i think it's great to get some of these great players out hereu for everybody to come and watch, but it's not even the same players that are coming out ou every year. ye how is it fair to compare.coar >> are some of the people the same. >> yeah, every year there's ae's different kind of people thatle are on the team. >> how can you compare that to o the lakers who travel for basically half a season all over the country as a group winningop games everywhere they want. >> i think that is fair. my other thing would be, it'sbe, sort of like, it remind me of the olympics almost in that it's food nature. it's exhibition, it's notnot necessarily -- these are professionals but it's not thei record on the line, per sze.sze. >> right. >> and some the castles do comes on the road and there's a group core group of players that have
9:54 am
been there because you could saa from year to year, typically this kind of record can go set by one of these other teamsteams within a year paws they play so many games, or it may stretch ic the lakers case, it went from one season to the next season. >> we are happy, 34 congratulations, you are in the history pooks for that. th-- books over that.. the next topic is the tift over broccoli. the president obama was asked what was his favorite food. foo. the president said his favoriteo food was broccoli, whether orbr not thatoc is true, i don't reay know. i think he was smart to saysay that. the first lady was there, and tr that is kind ever a loaded word in washington because president george w. bush, banned the vegetable from air force one in 1990, and he got heavily criticized.
9:55 am
broccoli growers sent him $20,000 in protest. >> president obama got ama got response on twitter, all that willis wrote, obama care, cap and trade, same sex marriage, fine, broccoli, i thought thisco was america, barack. bara >> and white house advisor, one of the white house advisers twitted, all of gop 2016ers wilr now had have to pledge to never eat broccoli again. >> i don't think anybody cares. i think he said broccoli, it was there, s it a health it's a hea. >> i cannot claim that joke, it was mark ga gar garner. 
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9:59 am
good morning. >> we have cloud cover.cove we have rainshowers across partw of the area. bring an umbrella, things getths better this weekend. less humidity. >> all right, that's the show. we will see you tomorrow.  . it's time for "the wendy williams show." we have celebrity make up guru mally roncal and all of the juicy hot topics.

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